Astrological Predictions for May 2018

Dear friends,


an important transit will start in May 2018, one leading to massive changes during the next years: Uranus moves from Aries into Taurus. In this article, I’m presenting you the most important transits and astrological events happening in May 2018.


On May 6, the Sun and Neptune will form a sextile. Since it’s a weekend anyway, we should use this day to meditate or to spend some time in nature. If you must take a decision, on this day you can trust your intuition more than in other periods of time.


The 7th of May brings two squares: Mercury will form a square to Pluto; Venus one to Neptune. On this day, we should be careful how we communicate and how we interpret other persons’ actions and words. On one hand, we want to know the truth, we might even pressure someone to tell us certain information. On the other hand, the things being revealed could disappoint us or the information is false. We are not thinking very clearly on this day, our interpretation of other persons’ words is incorrect and there is a high risk of conflicts. Pay attention especially when communicating with your partner, but also to everything related to finances. If you must take an important decision that requires a clear mind, it would be better to postpone it (if possible).


The Sun will oppose Jupiter on May 9, making us feel very good and confident. The day could be a wonderful one, but it’s important to stay grounded: even if we feel like we could move mountains, we should not exaggerate.


May 11 is ideal for doing certain things that you wanted to do on the 7th or on the 9th of May. The Sun will form a trine to Pluto and will help us focus on our goals and make our plans concrete. As mentioned above, on the 9th of May we might dive into something head-first, without considering the risks. If you can wait, you should better start those projects on the May 11. It’s the same with the decisions you might want to take or with the conversations you would have with someone on May 7: if they can be postponed, wait until the 11th. The Sun trine Pluto will help us find out the truth and/or information that will be important for us later.


After this date, some agitated days will follow. On May 12, Mercury forms a square to Mars, making us impulsive and irritatedWe risk taking hasty decisions and behaving slightly aggressive. On the 13th of May, Mercury will conjunct Uranus, few hours before entering Taurus. You shouldn’t plan your day too strictly: besides the fact that we won’t be able to focus on work or other things that demand concentration, there could be some news or events that will thwart our plans. And, once again, we risk taking hasty decisions.

After Mercury moves into Taurus, our mind will calm down, we will take our time to think about certain things, and this period of time should be good especially for persons who must negotiate the terms of a real estate transaction. I wrote “should” because not everything will be just sunshine and rainbows: on the 15th of May, Uranus enters Taurus, leading to some events (on a global level) that could affect Mercury’s positive influence.


Uranus moving into Taurus on May 15 and the New Moon on the same day mark the beginning of a period of circa 7 years that will bring major worldwide changes. The biggest impact will be on the global economy. During the month of May (1-2 weeks before and especially after May 15), there could be a financial scandal. Read here a much more detailed analysis of this transit: Uranus in Taurus 2018-2026.


Mars enters Aquarius and forms a square to Uranus on May 16. This is another factor that makes me think that, sometime in Mid-May, something will “shake” the economy and/or that there could be a natural/ecological disaster. On a personal level, we could advance in our career or in our relationships, but only if we remain flexible and if we come up with innovative ideas. Having some problems at work? Surprise your boss with an unusual solution and you’ll gain a lot.


The spirits will calm down a bit starting on May 18, when Mercury trines Saturn. After a few chaotic days, on the 18th we will finally get the chance to take care of serious matters, especially if we need to concentrate. It’s a good day for taking decisions, to take care of legal documents, of bills etc.


Venus enters Cancer on the 19th of May and we find her in sextile to Uranus. A period of time will follow, when we need a lot of love, we need to spend time with our family and to feel safe. But don’t get used to the idea of lazing around: especially the 19th of May could bring surprises related to a relationship or to our social connections. Someone could suddenly invite you to a party. There could also be some surprises regarding our finances.


On May 21, the Sun moves into Gemeni. This is a good period of time for anything related to studies, so especially for people who must take an exam. But this transit also urges us to go out and to meet people. So no, these days are not good for spending time at home, in front of the TV. However, if you must negotiate a contract, a raise at work etc., the 18th and the 21th of May should be good (depending also on your birth chart).


Mercury will form a sextile to Neptune and an opposition to Jupiter on May 23. This is a wonderful day for projects that require a lot of creativity – and totally bad for serious discussions, for planning everything to the last detail, etc. We are all much more understanding, but also dreamy. We risk choosing the wrong words or saying to much, which could lead to misunderstandings. That’s why, on this day, you should speak less and listen more.


The situation changes the next day: the Sun-Mars trine on the 24th of May encourages us to be active, to be courageous and to pursuit our goals. It’s a good day to start new projects. We are all very confident – something that could also positively influence romantic relationships.



Other two trines will be formed on May 25: Jupiter-Neptune and Mercury-Pluto. This is a good day for anything related to personal development. We want to evolve and to broaden our horizons (by reading, traveling, meeting people from a foreign culture). It’s a good time to make plans for the future. If you need someone’s help, you’ll find it easier to convince other people to support you. At the same time, you will be more willing to help other persons. The topics demanding your attention on this day could become important again in August 2018.

Worldwide, people will want to help more than they did until now. If, during this month, there will be some unpleasant events affecting the economy, the 25th of May would be a good day to discuss and find solutions.


Interpersonal but especially romantic relationships will cause some problems or will be put to a test on May 26, when Venus is opposed Saturn. The day is also bad for things related to finances. Avoid making important investments and pay your debts in time. Otherwise, on May 26, someone might ask you to give them their money back.


The Full Moon on May 29 makes us want to travel (physically or just in our imagination). Since, on the same day, Mercury enters Gemeni and positively influences short distance travels, it would be a good idea to go on a trip (if you can take the day off). On this day, we could meet persons or have conversations that help us learn more about ourselves. At the same time, the Full Moon demands justice. Depending on the events happening in May, some news might cause turmoil.

With Mercury in Gemini, at the end of May and beginning of June, we will be restless, in a hurry, we will find it hard to concentrate. But it will be easier for us to retain information, if said information is just superficial and we don’t have to analyse something profoundly. We will also be more talkative, we’ll be able to easier express ourselves and we have good chances to achieve what we want during negotiations. It’s a great time for journalists, authors, writers.


I wish you all a wonderful month and lucky stars,