What’s Going on With Zayn Malik? An Astrological Analysis

I just read an article about Zayn Malik, who apparently wants to quit One Direction. Since my curiosity has no limits, I started analysing Zayn’s birth chart and the current transits of the planets. If you continue reading, you should know this: I won’t make any predictions about him leaving the band or stuff like that. I’m just looking at what’s going on with him right now. So here is my interpretation of his current stars.

zayn malik march 2015

A remark before I start: the birth chart is for a person born on the 12th of January 1993, at 10 AM, in West Lane Baildon, Bradford (United Kingdom). This is the information I could find on the internet. If the information is not correct, my interpretation could be incorrect, too.

The first thing that I looked at is Saturn, the planet of restriction and limitation. Where Jupiter expands, Saturn constricts. But Saturn also means discipline, structure, responsibilities. Right now, Saturn is retrograde, that’s why it was the first planet I wanted to analyse. When Saturn is transiting a certain astrological house, but especially when it’s retrograde, we find ourselves thinking about our commitments in a certain field and about the road we’ve traveled so far.whatsapp web login
Are we happy with the current situation or do we want to change something? Well, right now, Saturn retrograde is transiting Zayn’s 9th house – the house ruling travel, legal matters, high education and philosophy/the way we see the life. After seeing this transit in Zayn’s chart, it’s not a surprise for me anymore that he is re-evaluating his situation regarding travel and being on the road again for so many months. He might be thinking about touring in general and about his constant travel, so not just about the OTRA tour. Since the 9th house also rules legal matters, I wouldn’t be surprised if he indeed was asking his lawyers to analyse his contract.

After the 9th/10th of May 2015, Saturn leaves this house for about 5 months, returning to the 8th house – the house of joint finances, of sexuality, of spirituality and of changes. This is the house where Saturn was (in Zayn’s chart) between November 2012 and mid-January 2015. Meaning: some events that took place between November 2012 and January 2015, most probably regarding money, sex or certain changes, will now resurface. And Zayn will think a lot about them between May and October 2015. He’ll have to decide for himself if he likes the current situation or if he wants to make some changes.

All these things happening right now will certainly change him, at least psychologically. And he’ll be more mature after this transit “leaves him alone”, more willing to accept compromises and commitments. I would advise him not to make any decisions while Saturn is retrograde, because he could change his mind later on. A definitive decision – at least regarding matters of the 8th house – will (and should) come sometime between August and October 2015.

Saturn retrograde is also forming a square to Zayn’s ascendant right now. When this happens, people realize that they’ve dedicated too much time to their career, neglecting the persons they love. Because Saturn is in retrograde motion, it will activate this point again during the first week of November 2015. That will be a time when Zayn really has to know what his heart desires – because only by following his heart and his deepest wishes he will evolve as a person.

Concerning Zayn’s career: right now, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, happiness and optimism, is transiting his 6th house, the house ruling the career. This should bring a boost to his career, but Jupiter is also retrograde until the 9th of April. So things could be a little bit difficult until then.

Let’s go over to his love life. It’s not any of our business, but the whole thing with him taking a break from the tour started because of his alleged love affair. So we should look at this, too. Two houses are important when talking about love: the 5th (romantic relationships) and the 7th (marriage). Bad news for Zayn during this period of time! First of all, Lilith is transiting the 7th house, which indicates a high risk to start an affair. And, even if there is no affair, Lilith in the 7th house makes couples fight. There are two conflicts there:

  1. The need to be near the person he loves (physically) and the wish for freedom.
  1. Power struggles, especially if one of the partners is dominant (the passive one won’t accept this situation anymore).

There are no planets transiting Zayn’s 5th house right now, but that is affected by something else: he has Mars (dynamism, conflicts, aggressiveness, sexual tension) in this house. And that natal Mars is now being “attacked” by transiting Uranus (revolution, changes) and Pluto (power struggles, rebirth). Both transiting planets are forming difficult aspects with Mars: Uranus indicating the need to be free (transiting the 1st house of the personality) and Pluto indicating power struggles and fights with his fiancée, the romantic relationship being in some kind of conflict with Zayn’s friends (Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall?) and with his life goals. Right now, Zayn might feel trapped between his (professional) life goals, his friends and his fiancée. I believe he needs some time alone, away from both the band and Perrie. Maybe this way he can find a way to solve his inner conflicts. The worst thing he could do right now is to rush into making a decision based only on the current mood. As long as the planets revolve around the sun, better times will come – so he should wait until these transits are over.