The Meaning of the Astrological Houses

When analyzing an astrological chart (no matter if birth chart, synastry, transits etc.), it’s important to know the meaning of the 12 astrological houses. So here is what they indicate:

1st house: personality, the way other people see you
2nd house: money, possessions, moral values
3rd house: communication, siblings, travel on short distances
4th house: home, parents, “roots”
5th house: children, romance/love, creativity
6th house: career, health, things we do for other persons
7th house: marriage, husband/wife, partnerships
8th house: joint finances, sexuality, spirituality/occult, death/rebirth
9th house: studies, religion/beliefs, relationship with the law, travel/foreign countries
10th house: career, social status
11th house: friends, ideals/life goals
12th house: secrets, the unknown, surprises, relationship with some institutions (hospital, prison)