Mercury Retrograde Between January 6-26, 2016

Between January 6-26, Mercury will be retrograde for the first time in 2016.
From January 6 to 8, the retrograde motion takes place in Aquarius, affecting especially friendships. During these days, there could be some misunderstandings and arguments between friends. Public speeches will also be influenced negatively – especially because Mercury is now forming a square to Mars, which could lead to protests coming from the public. There’s also a risk of aggressive acts involving masses of people, for example a demonstration could turn into a street fight.

Later on, between January 9-26, Mercury returns to Capricorn and some topics that demanded our attention in December 2015 will now resurface. These topics will be related especially to documents, to finances and to real estate. Don’t sign any real estate contract during this period of time.

Mercury retrograde influence us all, but some persons will feel the influence a little bit stronger: people born under the sign of Aquarius (between January 6-8) and Capricorn (January 9-26), as well as persons with the ascendant in one of these signs.

More details about Mercury retrograde’s influence – in this video: