Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio in 2018

Jupiter entered the sign on Scorpio in October 2017 and will remain here until November 2018. This planet “visits” every sign once in 12 years and brings us rare opportunities that we shouldn’t miss.

Jupiter is the planet of optimism, of luck, of evolution. Scorpio, the sign that Jupiter is transiting now, represents transformation, passion and secrets. When Jupiter is situated in Scorpio, it always brings evolution and changes (usually positive ones). But it’s very important that these changes are in accordance with our wishes, with our passions. Depending on the section of the birth chart that Jupiter is transiting, the changes can be diverse: from changing the job up to ending a relationship that doesn’t make us feel happy. Since Jupiter also rules over studies and Scorpio loves secrets and hidden things, some people might start to study astrology, occult sciences etc.

Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio

Between March 8 and July 10, 2018 Jupiter will be in retrograde motion. But don’t worry: unlike retrograde Mercury who likes to thwart our plans, Jupiter’s influence remains a positive one. The difference is that, now, the transformation process that I mentioned above will be slower. And: while Jupiter in direct motion (October 2017 – March 2018 and July-November 2018) influences you through chances coming from “outside”, during the retrograde motion the changes happen within you. “Make your own luck” is a perfect description for this period of time.

This is a good time to think about changing your current job, to think whether certain relationships are good for you or not, whether you should make some changes in your life. And, this time around, you’ll really have enough courage to change something. Listen to your heart, to your thoughts, to your intuition – and Jupiter will support you. But please mind: Jupiter in Scorpio makes gives you a lot of self-confidence – which can be good or bad. This confidence is great, as long as you stay grounded and fight to reach realistic goals. If you wish for utopian things, not even Jupiter can help you. An example: maybe you are in love with a person who “doesn’t even know you exist”. The inner transformative power conferred by Jupiter doesn’t have to make you court that person obsessively. Maybe it will simply make you realise that that person isn’t what you desired, after all. Or that you’re wasting your time here, while a relationship with someone else is waiting for you just around the corner.

Aspects to other planets during the retrograde motion

While being in retrograde motion, Jupiter will form some important aspects to other transiting planets:

  • April 14 – Jupiter retrograde sextile Pluto: a good time to leave the past behind and focus on establishing new goals for the future
  • April 17 – Jupiter retrograde opposition Venus: we suddenly feel over-confident, which could lead to overindulgence and to breaking some moral rules. Be careful how you spend your money, don’t buy expensive stuff that you don’t really need.
  • May 23 – Jupiter retrograde opposition Mercury: we’re a little bit too optimistic and risk getting out hopes up too high. Another person will probably make us face reality.
  • May 25 – Jupiter retrograde trine Neptune: a good time to focus on spirituality, to relax or even to take some time off. Professionally, Jupiter will support artists.
  • June 1 – Jupiter retrograde trine Venus: we are very optimistic, in a good mood, we love life. This transit brings us luck, especially related to love and finances.