Birth Chart: The Sun in the Houses

I’m quite certain you know the sign where the Sun was positioned at your birth: that is your Sun sign. Besides your Sun sign, for an astrological interpretation of your birth chart you should also know the meaning of the position of the Sun by house.

The Sun in the 1st house: You are an optimistic and active person, who wants to achieve a lot. Examples:  Grace Kelly, Henry Kissinger.
The Sun in the 2nd house: Money is very important for you, as well as the material security. Examples: Elvis Presley, Bridget Fonda.
The Sun in the 3rd house: You are a curious and talkative person. You can express yourself very well orally and in writing. The Sun supports short trips. Examples: Paul McCartney, Winston Churchill.
The Sun in the 4th house: Your family, your ancestors and the traditions are very important to you. On the other side, this position could indicate some problems during the childhood/youth and happiness later in life. Example: Woody Allen.
The Sun in the 5th house: A romantic and creative person, who will feel complete when becoming a parent. Examples: Aretha Franklin, Hilary Clinton.
The Sun in the 6th house: You search for perfection in everything. Your career is very important for you. Sometimes (but not always) this position can indicate health problems. Examples: Bob Dylan, Robert Redford.
The Sun in the 7th house: You struggle between the fear of being alone and the fear of being “stuck” in a relationship. Still, marriage and other partnerships are very important for you. Examples: Princess Diana, Warren Beatty.
The Sun in the 8th house: You are a very sensitive person and you love to analyse your feelings and thoughts. Other persons’ money could become important for you, as you could become rich after marriage, through inheritance. Examples: Katherine Hepburn, Shirley MacLaine.
The Sun in the 9th house: You will always try to evolve and to broaden your horizon, for example by studying religion or philosophy. The Sun supports long distance travels and you have good chances to live abroad for a long time. Examples: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Uma Thurman.
The Sun in the 10th house: You have the qualities of a leader. You will always try to achieve more in your professional life and to make others appreciate you. This position almost always indicates success on the social and professional level. Examples: Harrison Ford, Albert Einstein, Claudia Schiffer.
The Sun in the 11th house: You are very friendly and always surrounded by a lot of friends and acquaintances. You have high goals in life – that you will most probably reach. Example: Antoine de Saint-Exupery.
The Sun in the 12th house: You are quite introvert and withdrawn, but you have a very good intuition. You could have problems with some institutions (hospital, prison) and you should pay attention to another risks, too: loneliness and isolation. Example: Jodie Foster.